Summer 2017: Listen to Your Spirit Class

Change Your Life

Summer 2017


Listening to our Spirit is the quickest and most efficient path to healing and living our greatest life. Notice that I did not say “easiest”. Most often connecting to our Spirit and following the guidance we receive involves taking risks we would much rather avoid. Ultimately, however, those risks lead to living at a higher vibration.


Raise Your Vibration!

What exactly does that mean? “High or low vibration” is one of those bandied about New Age expressions. Those of you who have worked with me know that I have no patience or tolerance for any kind of vague, intangible concepts when it comes to spirituality or healing. For me, raising your vibration or, to put it another way, changing your energy, results in upgrading your life in every conceivable way. This means there are visible and measurable improvements in your emotional, physical, spiritual and financial well-being. This can show up as everything from the healing of illness to the elimination of debt to the blossoming of a wonderful new friendship.
I have also seen the emergence of a new and powerful energy and the birth of a new dream – both of which are game-changers. For example, Devon realized that she has strong Artist energy. Embracing this lead to her graduating from art school and she recently completed the first book of her art. Rose discovered that she was a born Networker. This paved the way for her to set up her own successful PR business. Which works beautifully for her princess energy because she doesn’t want to work hard or for anyone else. Knowing the make-up of your energy makes for an easy and abundant life…
Whether it is a specific area of your life – relationship or lack thereof, work, play, health, finances, etc – that is not working, let alone thriving or a general across the board unhappiness, join us in a safe, loving and fun class to Listen to Your Spirit.


Listen to Your Spirit

Sunday July 16th 2017 9:00 – 10:30 AM PT / 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET $79.00



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Tuition: $79.00 Per Class

Once registered you will receive an email containing a link to pay online via credit card or PayPal. Payment is due at least 24 hours prior to each class and is non-refundable.


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