Dr Rossellini Events

Sacred Feminine Group


This group is for women who want to access that Powerful Divine Feminine Energy that resides within each of us. It is this energy that enables us to give birth to extraordinary ideas, experiences and opportunities.




The Power of Possibility


This 4-Week Course is not for the faint of heart. The energy of The Power of Possibility will strip away, dissolve and heal fears, illusions and conflicts propelling you into who you were BORN TO BE.

Dr. Francesca Rossellini has a gift that goes far beyond healing physical symptoms and disease in the body. She has the ability to see who you CAN be, the strongest, happiest, healthiest, most successful, powerful and high vibration you.




Quantum Healing Group


With the wonderful success of the Sacred Feminine Group webinars, many of you have reached out to me privately asking about healing options for family and friends who are looking to heal.

In response to that, I’m excited to announce a new webinar: Quantum Healing Group is a healing group for both men and women. All they will need is a computer with a working camera and microphone and to be somewhere they can comfortably participate in private. Oh and the courage to show up!