About Francesca Rossellini PhD

Although Francesca works with all kinds of emotional and physical pain and trauma, anxiety and
eating disorders, not all of her clients are unwell. Some simply want more – more peace, vitality, joy,
success and abundance. This is all down to energy. Often people do regular energetic tune-ups to
keep their vibration high and, as a result, their levels of health and happiness high.

Francesca’s gift of healing is a collaboration with the Angels who have worked closely with her
all these years, using Light and energy to dissolve pain and to open doors where previously
there were none. The process of healing usually involves an wakening which far transcends
physical healing and well-being. She, along with her Angels, sets no limits.

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD: There is no difference in healing
appointments that are conducted by phone, Skype or in person – the process is the same in that
Dr. Rossellini works with reading and healing the energy of the person. Such freedom means that
clients all over the world have the opportunity to experience healing.

Francesca attended University College Dublin and, after receiving her undergraduate degree
in Social Science, she then continued her studies at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

She attributes many of the valuable insights she’s gleaned over the years to the
collective healing experiences of her clients and acknowledges them for the contribution they
made to her in the process. Apart from her healing practice however, she considers her
daughter to be her greatest teacher!

Francesca is the author of the forthcoming book, ‘The No Bullshit Way to Heal’ and the
Founder of Quantum Healing, with offices in Beverly Hills, California and Sun Valley, Idaho. She
holds both Masters and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysics. She has been referenced on Good
Morning America and in The Washington Post. In addition, she is invited regularly to participate in
clinical studies on healing at California Pacific Medical Center as well as The Institute of Noetic
Sciences where she continues to share her insights!

Francesca Rossellini resides with her family in Los Angeles, CA and Sun Valley, ID.